Luxurious hand made, hand painted, patina finishing, genuine Italian leather with goodyear welted shoes, made to perfection.


The exquisite temple engravings of mediaeval India .., the beauty of sun smeared gothic designs of European churches .., or the brilliance of radiating skyline of NYC, Dubai, Shanghai etc. – everything is a testament to the brilliant human heritage.


We endeavor to transform these great human heritages into ethereal shoe designs powered by artisanship and modern day innovation, which every person on the planet would cherish to own. 



Collection 2020



Moajaza collection 2020 is inspired from timeless & classic vintage furnitures and age old European technique of hand painting wood & leather to give a rustic elegant look. This collection aims at combining traditional Italian  patina technique with finest craftsmanship to  imbibe the same elegance and texture to Moajaza shoes.




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