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RS. 9,999


Introducing ‘Zibaa’, a shoe construction inspired by mojaris from India, embracing it in a more contemporary, practical and comfortable way. A shoe style completely handmade by the skilled artisans of India. The sole is inspired from the classic 90s bulky platforms by giving it a little extra dimension. The upper is constructed in two parts sewn together featuring the luxurious Indian hand loom and Indian embroidery across it. Keeping comfort in mind, MOAJAZA shoes have an extra cushioning in their sock lining making them super comfortable to wear for long hours.

Experimenting with different fabrics, ‘Zibaa’ features a grey windowpane tweed fabric as it’s upper with the richness of Indian artistry and luxurious Indian embroidery. The motifs on the upper has an abstract pattern giving it touch of contemporary vibe. It is designed using luxurious embroidery materials like real ruby Swarovskis, real ruby stones, ruby Sheesha leather, katora sequins, cylindrical and square ruby sitaras and glittery threads.

‘Zibaa’ is completely handmade and hand embroidered with love from India. ♥️

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Dry clean ONLY! Store your Mojaris in the dust bag provided to you with your box or a muslin cloth.  



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