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MOAJAZA, in Arabic, means “Miracle”, and surely, it’s journey so far has been nothing shy of that.
MOAJAZA embodies an exquisite label of premium quality handcrafted shoes. We identify as a label that
stands by the value of creating and promoting handcrafted techniques and products inspired by stories
of heritage, culture, and tradition across the globe. The first collection of MOAJAZA was launched in
2020. It was inspired from timeless classic vintage furniture and old age European technique of hand
painting wood and leather to give a rustic elegant look. This collection aimed at combining traditional
French and Italian patina technique with finest craftsmanship to imbibe the same elegance and texture
to MOAJAZA shoes. The MOAJAZA PATINA collection was featured in a few Luxembourg media houses
which certainly attracted attention and gave a significant boost to the brand.

My upcoming collection “MOJARI by MOAJAZA” is inspired by a shoe style that is uniquely identified in
parts of Southeast Asia, called the Mojaris. The upcoming collection is an interpretation of the mojaris in
a more contemporary, practical, and comfortable way, marrying the Indian artistry and richness of
Indian handloom with luxurious Indian embroidery. We are also launching a unique style of sustainable
shoes, mixing modern techniques with rich culture and rare authentic Indian folk arts such as
Mahbubani art, Kalamkari art, & Warli art. Wearing a pair of handmade shoes is a conscious choice for
someone who values artistry, craftsmanship, culture, and tradition.



Since she was a child, Anushka Prakash has been passionate about shoes. Her journey as a designer began after she got married and moved to Europe. In 2018, she decided to switch careers, become a shoe designer, and fulfill her long-lasting dream of launching her shoe brand. She had the opportunity to study in the recognized shoe design « Istituto Marangoni » in Florence, Italy, where she pursued her professional studies. Upon completion, she did an internship at Idee partners, and then finally, in 2019, she began working full time on her dream project MOAJAZA.

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